Vacuum Pressure Thermoforming

Custom thermoforming of most materials, including anti-stat and conductive in gauges up to .060 mil, is our specialty. A diverse range of custom and stock products including, clamshells, slide pack blisters, packaging and insert trays, as well as medical and retail blisters, are thermoformed by us. We have a wide range of thermoforming equipment, from in-line thermoformers for high volume production runs to sheet fed thermoformers for small to medium volume production runs. All machines are capable of forming materials, such as HIPS, PVC, PETG, HDPE, and PP, and can accommodate mold sizes up to a maximum of 30″ x 36″.

Materials PVC, PETG, HIPS, HDPE, Anti-Stat, Conductive
Maximum Material Thickness 0.060 mil
Production Runs Small to Medium, or High Volume Production Runs
Maximum Mold Size 30″ x 36″
Thermoformed Parts Packaging, Display, and Insert Trays Retail, Industrial, and Medical Blisters Slide Pack Blisters Stock and Custom Clamshells
Equipment List 4 – Inline Vacuum/Pressure Forming Machines, 4 – Sheet or Roll Fed Single Station Forming Machines, 8 – Cutting Presses
Software Used AutoCAD, SolidWorks
Accepted File Formats DXF, JPG, PDF
Industries Served Consumer, Electronic, Industrial, Medical, Pharmaceutical

Valley Plastics can accommodate your small, medium or large volume requirements