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Our Custom Capabilities

Valley Plastics is a manufacturer of custom packaging trays, blister packaging, clamshells, slide pack blister packages, and inserts and displays.

Custom Clear Plastic Blister

For tamper-proof plus durable packaging for your manufactured products, we offer clear plastic custom blister packing design and manufacturing services.

Custom & Stock Clamshell

Our thermoforming services are used for the production of custom clamshell packaging, which is an alternative to blister packaging and allows for the complete viewing of the enclosed product.

Custom Plastic Trays Inserts

We produce custom plastic trays and inserts that protect, hold, as well as facilitate the transportation of your product.

Custom Slide Pack Blisters

We custom design and manufacture slide pack blisters used for packaging a wide range of consumer products – from batteries to tools to sporting goods.

Custom Eyewear Trays

We offer a complete line of custom eyewear trays for organizing, displaying, and shipping eyewear and safety frames.

Services & Solutions

Valley Plastics serves the following markets: Medical, Consumer, Pharmaceutical, Industrial, Electronic

Vacuum Presure Theremaforming

Custom thermoforming of most materials, including antistatic and conductive in gauges up to .060 mil, is our specialty.

Contract Blister Packaging

We provide contract-packaging services and heat sealing operations for finished blister packages.

Engineering, Prototyping , Production Molding

Our design, engineering, and prototyping services enable customers to choose the right type of packaging that suits their merchandise.