If you’re looking at Medicine, Dentistry, PT, or something more demanding in terms of experiences and grades, I’d suggest another degree (one that is more objective). The faculty truly care about each student, and actually try to get to know you. Then, if you finish that and want more, read The Elements of Statistical Learning. The Western health science program does not seem any different to me than any other school's course offerings in health science/health studies. WesternU is one of the largest graduate schools for the health professions in California. University of South Florida College of Medicine Secondary Questions. Literally both will prepare you for medical school. Feel free to ask me anything about health sci :), Yes, but aren't you just in your first year? Yes you're right, health sci isn't sciency but that doesnt necessarily mean it's easier. I myself am looking to pursue medicine and dont wish I was in med sci, many in my program are looking at med school while some are looking into OT, PT, etc. I agree ILoveYourFacez. Access 130+ million publications and connect with 17+ million researchers. From my understanding, even with a health sci program, I can take science courses, right? Looking back, the first year health science courses were absolute jokes BUT, the averages are only around mid 70s, low 80s. Western University of Health Science’s President Daniel R. Wilson is set to retire next summer after four years in the post, an announcement that … Discover your student experience. Although I bet it will be harder to get into of course. Since the pre-reqs are so few in ontario, you basically do first, second year bios and chems and your set. I have a few friends that have done this and are in the process of getting published, but I will say this is not the norm. I understand that Health Sciences is more a social science regarding health care system and the history of medicine etc. And I would have to disagree that they keep the averages at a 70. and around the world at WSJ. If you would rather have backups that are more about health policy, administration, and other such health care industry work - then yes, I would say health science is likely for you. There's no opportunities in co-op, research etc. Keep in mind that if you have intentions of entering medical school you should always have a backup because most people don't get in (many people screw themselves over because they have no "plan B"). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. To that end, WesternU will allow Institut Polytechnique LaSalle Beauvais students to matriculate as non-degree MSBS students for … reddit - An instance of Reddit. Im currently in my fourth year in health sci and know if I did them again, I could easily get 90s. My brother is in Health Sciences, and from what I've heard, its more closely related to healthcare policy, ethics, and such. The only professors who I felt enhanced my experience were Dr. Stathokostas (no longer at Western, I think), Dr. Belliveau, and Dr. Solomon (law professor, but taught healthcare law). Land Acknowledgement. At the end of the day its a policy type degree more than anything and it best prepares you to do something like that. University. Difficulty is relative, anyone that says health sci is a joke is likely either 1) an exceptional student or 2) a med sci snob that's bitter to be reading about plant cells for his 4th consecutive year. The fun hasn't really begun for you yet. Health science faculty is shit in my opinion. ... Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Tumblr Pinterest Reddit VKontakte Share via Email Print. There are just so many contradicting opinions, that I don't really know who to listen to. OP, don't do health sci unless you're interested in stuff like health policy and inequalities in healthcare. They actually have a nice comparison website which shares what path grads go down in BSc, BMSc vs BHSc, http://www.uwo.ca/fhs/shs/programs/difference.html. If you have issues with marking or teaching, it’s an uphill battle. Yep, it's not like Mac where you learn a lot of life science stuff (immunology, biochemistry, etc). I'm a 3rd year student at Western and 100% I would say if you are interested in the health side of medicine, go into Health Sciences at Western over Medical Sciences. Im currently in health sci. /u/wadtzftw is completely right though - you need to go in to the process considering what your backups are going to be, because the odds are simply not in your favour for getting in (coming from a medical science graduate). The Western health science program does not seem any different to me than any other school's course offerings in health science/health studies. We are not officially affiliated with the University and Western is not responsible for the content of this subreddit, Press J to jump to the feed. Ok, yes I am biased because I am a student here, but after interviewing and touring so many different schools, I can tell this school is where I am supposed to be. This program will give you the potential to work in these fields, while also allowing you fulfilling medical school requirements, if you wish to take that route. So a quick reminder to people to make use of the search bar, and familiarize yourself with the rules in the sidebar. Medical Science is a rigorous, science heavy program, that may benefit you for the MCAT, but, in my opinion, give much less potential as a degree. I have heard good things about Mac's Health Science, but I have to say- I do love Western and I'm glad I'm studying where I am. would be taking. People sometimes end up in health science thinking it will be a more science-based degree than it is. What will your experience be like at Western? You put in a tiny amount of work and you are almost guaranteed an 80 in the Health Sci 1000 course. That being said, there are many opportunities in health science. The courses, for the lost part, are subjective and often revolve around conflict theory, feminist theory, and intersectionality. with Biology module to keep the science aspect with bio, chem, physics etc. We're getting a lot of repeat questions over the past couple of weeks, and I imagine a lot of that is due to new members to the sub (welcome! Hey I got into both programs and wanted to hear about your experiences with one or the other, what you've heard about it, the difficulty levels and opportunities, and which would be better (in your opinion) for medical school. Alumni rank among the top leaders in health care and medicine throughout the country and the world. Not only that, you also get the easier bio 1201A. Take everyone's opinion with a grain of salt, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, A subreddit for students, faculty, staff, and alumni at The University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario, Canada.

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