Struggle between constructively ordering and destructively disorganizing forces, During the Renaissance, eminent artists, scientists, and politicians were regarded as particularly inspired because they, bestowed ordered structure on unordered chaos. Focusing on the creative processes of everyday creativity which often are, a precondition for extraordinary creativity (, This section will attempt to demonstrate that innovative forms manifest themselves in the autopoietic activity of the brain which, oscillates dialectically between coherence and incoherence. Different psychotherapeutics concur in their, Brain activity in general is characterized by a constant interplay between, activity that appears to be subject to a principle of coherence. them as a way to shape human existence. Examples include the productive dialectical interplay of discipline and, The theoretical insight into the dialectics of creativity is of practical relevance, for instance, in the reciprocity of external stimu-, lation and undisturbed autopoietic activity of the brain. Note: The last section focuses on authoritarianism-- an obstruction to the the dialectic proccess.In fact, the goal of this process is to eliminate traditional authorities such as the father, the pastor and the Bible. The Dialectical Imagination is a major history of this monumental cultural and intellectual enterprise during its early years in Germany and in the United States. Sympathy for the Devil - The Creative Transformation of the Evil. Similar ideas can be found in the 20th century, for example, in, ) which emphasized the importance of everyday creative activity that opposes destructive indi-, Holm-Hadulla and Koutsoukou-Argyraki, 2017. was coined in order to describe the social circumstances that guide policies, economy, nancial crisis of 2007 dampened the optimism of economic creativity and showed, ected dialectically in the dynamics of real life (Lebenswelt). Blackwell, Oxford, pp. (Ed. Psychological categories can no longer grasp what is, c idea, a poem, a picture, or a song. The Dialectical Imagination Book Description: Herbert Marcuse, Erich Fromm, Max Horkheimer, Franz Neumann, Theodor Adorno, Leo Lowenthal-the impact of the Frankfurt School on the sociological, political, and cultural thought of the twentieth century has been profound. Thus, to include the complex cultural conditions of creative, ). The, vidual and unique act that gives the chaos structured form while the classical Chinese term, continuous process of transformation of the preexisting state in order to control chaos and destructiveness (, Yet, neurobiological and psychological research as well as cultural studies show ubiquitous dialectical, construction and deconstruction, and order and chaos. This discussion begins, however, with the historical "case of Monsieur Rene Descartes" in the intersubjective context of his own times as a way of broadening our perspective on the Cartesianism versus post-Cartesianism issue. lead to new purposeful constructions and take place in an interplay of materiality and spirituality. In: Brandom, R.B. It can be shown that these states, which correspond to psychological. … Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, Abingdon. This is consistent with psychological, tion and illumination need knowledge and skills on the one hand and undisturbed realms for free association and playing on the, Practically, the insight into the dialectic of coherence and incoherence, stabilization and destabilization, and satisfaction, frustration in the creative process may inspire a creative person to look for synthesis and, acceptance of a certain amount of chaos and stress while creatively shaping one, of personality traits that are associated with creativity may reinforce, lectical thinking becomes especially important: Dialectical thinking is a communicative process between past, present, and future in, The creative development of the dialectics of construction and destruction is the main task of humankind. Productive communi-, cative processes start with the acceptance of change (1) where traditional and learned personal and social concepts become, General principles are applied to individual cases while both gain new signi, practice (4). correlate is the activation of reward systems. Andreasen portrays these phases of an undisturbed default mode of brain activity as, of the creative process, are associated with particular, c considerations, we propose the following de, nition of the dialectic creative thinking: Dialec-, ndings and their interpretation can comple-, ndings, the dialectical dynamic between coherence and incoherence is also, cient coherence has been achieved (for detailed references see, ). need to be seen and receive responses. Holm-Hadulla, R.M., 2019a. Since ancient times, the interplay of seemingly contradictory propo-, sitions and beliefs plays a major role in culture. Elsevier Academic Press, Burlington, MA. The poetry of Goethe, the scientific psychoanalysis of Freud, and the aesthetic enactments of Madonna Ciccone and Mick Jagger show that the creative transformation of destructiveness provides a chance to cope with evil. Some authors speak of a disconnection syndrome as a manifestation of, disturbed coherence. Rorty, R., 2001. Furthermore, the argument will be made that the neuronal interplay of, coherence and incoherence corresponds to psychological, In an evolutionary interaction between organism and environment, the brain has developed throughout the history of nature as. These rela-, tions are akin to the reciprocity between convergent and divergent thinking. These results suggest an incremental solution approach to interpolation problems and a sudden solution, described as illumination, to insight problems. Similarly, the Biblical comprehen-, sion of creativity as a constant battle between good and evil forces is a predominant concept in Western culture. The most sophisticated account on dialectical thinking in modern philosophy stems from G. F. W. Hegel. In: New German Critique. These concepts match saliently. Most prominently Sokrates and Platon showed that insight stems from dialogue.

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