Habitat: Dense moist deciduous forests, on hill slopes, and flat grounds where the soil is deep. Sheet Virya or Cool potency herb, subdues Pitta (Bile) Vata (Wind), and increases Kapha (Mucus). It is also heavier and tougher than teak and is resistant to fungi, water and termites. Add water and drink once or twice a day after meals. Sal Tree, Shorea robusta, is an evergreen tree growing up to 50 m in height with a cylindrical bole that can be unbranched for up to 25 m and up to 200 cm in diameter. Medicinal Uses: 1. Medicines as of astringent are received from the resin and also given during diseases like dysentery and diarrhoea. Oleoresin, contains triterpenoids, the derivatives of ursonic, oleanane, and a triterpene acid. It supports the building of the body fluids. ex C.F. Daily life experience of Health, Ayurveda, Medicines, complementary therapies. Sal is one of the most important sources of hardwood timber in India, with hard, coarse-grained wood that is light in colour when freshly cut, but becomes dark brown with exposure. It is used as ingredient for making ointments which is very effective for curing skin diseases. – sal tree P. Resin is used in paints, and varnishes, and for sealing the joints or seams in boats. Petals are 5, narrow-oblong or lanceolate, silky tomentose outside. Gaertn.) Do not use this information to diagnose or treat your problem without consulting your doctor. On ulcers, infected wounds, and skin eruptions, the gum-resin is applied. 2. Its resin is used to make medicine which works as astringent and detergent for the treatment of diarrhea and dysentery. Younger tree has an elongated crown but as the tree grows older, the crown becomes more rounded. 3. It is a sub deciduous tree up to 30 m height. For burn injury, in one liter Sesame oil, 250 grams of Ral / resin is heated for 20 minutes. It is commonly found in all parts of India. One-quarter or half teaspoon of sal tree resin is mixed with honey and applied to wounds once or twice a day for best results. Bonsai Tree Uses, Benefits and Facts; Sal Tree Medicinal Uses: 1. Also known as Shorea Robusta seed, Sal seed comes from the Sal tree which is popular in India. It is best to season the wood before using it as this he… For polyuria, emaciation, anemia due to loss of blood, goiter, and diseases due to vitiated blood, the powdered flowers or heartwood is used. On tapping, the sal tree yields an oleoresin known as SAL DAMMAR Or BENGAL DAMMAR(Lal-dhuna, ral, dhup, guggal). Take a few grams of the resin and mix it well with white of an egg and apply the paste on the affected portion. Below is given taxonomical classification of the plant. They never go completely leafless. The resin obtained from the tree is known as Sal damar, Bengal Dammar, Laldhuna Ral, Rhal or Dhoom. Sal demur is widely used as incense specially as an ingredient of Samagri which is burnt in religious ceremonies and cremation rites it emits copious white fumes. It is used to make cream for the feet 5. It is readily available in a variety of shapes and sizes. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Sal is a deciduous tree with a dark brown bark. Gaertn. Big Boss House. Also called the "Cannonball tree", "Sal tree" or "Ayauma tree", these plant were introduced into Malaysia from India, Sri Lanka, Guiana and North Eastern South America. More on Sal Seed Butter. Distribution: Grows in the jungles of tropical Himalaya, Assam, Khasia Hills, and Central India, up to 1700m. It has carminative, stomachic, and astringent properties. Flowers are regular, bisexual. Sanskrit: Agnivallabha, Ashvakarna, Ashvakarnika, Chiraparna, Dhanya, Dirghaparna, Dirghashaka, Divyasara, Jaladashara, Jaranadruma, Kaushikahva, Kushika, Lalana, Latashankha, Latataru, Rala, Ralakarya, Sala, Salaniryas, Salaveshta, Sarja, Sarjakarya, Sarjarasa, Sarjjaka, Sasyasambara, Sasyasamvera, Shankataru, Shankurriksha, Shasyasambara, Shura. 4. 2. 3. Wait for 5-7 minutes before washing it. 4. Sal tree benefits. Resin obtained from the bark of sal tree is used for relief from arthritis. For Asthmatic attacks, cough, fumes of gum-resin are inhaled. Its resin is used to make medicine that works as an astringent and detergent to treat diarrhea and dysentery. The bark is rough and reddish brown. Rala – the resin of Shala herb is sweet, astringent, hot in nature, has anti-microbial properties, Bhagnasandhanakrut – useful in fracture healing Asra-dagdharuk – relieves pain due to wounds and burns. It is also used in the construction industry and to make furniture. Save my name, email, and site URL in my browser for next time I post a comment. Sidhaka, Sureshtaka, Tarkshyapravasa, Vallivriksha, Vansha, Vastakarna, Yakshadhupa, English: Indian Dammer (Oleoresin), Sal tree, Hindi: Sakher, Sakhu. The flowers have a wonderful smell and can be used to scent perfumes and cosmetics. The bark, and leaves are cooling, astringent, acrid, anthelmintic, pain-relieving, constipating, urinary astringent, Tonic, and purifying. The sal tree (Shorea robusta C. F. It is used for housebuilding, telephone, and electrical poles, sleepers, and boats, and for furniture, and other carpentry works. Your email address will not be published. ... Peepal Tree: The Peepal tree (popularly known as "Bodhi tree") is considered auspicious in Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism.

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