Save. An outstanding producer of huge (as in 8-18 ounce) very tasty fruit. It requires no pruning other than removal of dead or decaying leaves. Quantity. Approximate seeds per pack: 25 Days till maturity: 65 Annual Full Sun Indeterminate -Enjoyed since the colonial era, this ridiculously productive plant has fruit that packs a punch. Tomato Pear red is a mid-ripening variety that begins to bear fruit 115 days after planting. San Marzano Tomato. Occasionally a plant with yellow fruit appears. It is also indeterminate, that is, a tall type of tomato. Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum 'Red Pear Franchi') in the Tomatoes Database - Both plants’ tomatoes can be used in salads, as a garnish, in pasta, with dips or on top of bruschetta. Great fresh eating. Tiny Tim has a 45-day harvest, with great quantities of ¾-inch, bright red fruit. Average Packet Content 48 seeds. Brief description of tomato. They are pear shaped and the plants are indeterminate. Red Pear Flavor (Solanum lycopersicum) Introduced to SSE by Dale Austin of Washington. Indeterminate, 80 days from transplant. A real standout among all of SSE’s red pears due to its superior flavor. Jan Feb ... For the greenhouse, plant late Apr-May in large pots, growing bags, or border soil. Plant database entry for Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum 'Red Pear Franchi') with 8 images, one comment, and 40 data details. Red Robin will harvest in 55 days, yielding 1 1/4-inch, extra sweet red fruit. 780615 . It is a red, pear-shaped beefsteak. Lawn Care Composting ... Tomato (Organic) Seeds - Red Pear. Solanaceae Lycopersicon lycopersicum Martino’s tomatoes are delicious, pear-shaped and slightly dark red tomatoes with good yield and early blight disease resistance. With an early maturing time, even the coldest zones can enjoy this delicious variety! The ripening period of the fetus takes up to 5 weeks. Large 2" red tomatoes with elongated neck. Very productive. Early for such a large plant (70-75 days). Martino’s Roma Tomato. Red Alert is one of the few popular bush type tomato varieties. There is a key reason that bush tomatoes are not very popular with British gardeners and it's because the tomatoes all mature at the same time often resulting in a glut. … This is not the small pear shaped tomato called red pear by U.S. seed companies. As a rule, the standard height of the bush varies from 140 to 150 cm. These tomatoes are acidic, sweet, and as red as they come. £2.99. For outdoors, plant early-mid June after 'hardening off' plants. Franchi's Red Pear tomato is an old North Italian variety specially selected by Franchi Sementi. Plant … San Marzano is widely used in seasoning, sauce preparation, and exotic salad toppings. It’s growing requirements is similar to other varieties of Roma tomatoes. Add to Basket.

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