Are you wanting to learn to play the ukulele, but don't know where to begin? For now, we recommend that if you’re a complete beginner, you try just using three fingers for now and leaving the barre chord for later! It's small, easy to fit in your bag and the screen's color system makes it easy to tune your instrument. Although it is your decision in what order to learn the chords, learning them in alphabetical order can be a good way to start. Then we will introduce some harder chords a little later. ​We won't be using the thumb, so just remember the digits from 1 to 4. Make sure that your fingers arch high over the strings that you’re not fretting. Prepare to bask in the glory of the easy C chord, but unfortunately not all the chords are this simple! It’s a little tricky to master this chord, but you’ll need it for many songs, and it is often used for songs on the ukulele in the key of F. If the Bb chord is still troubling you, try learning the Gm7 chord first, which is very similar to a Bb chord. Congratulations you’ve just learned how to change from a G to a C chord! Learning to Play the Easiest Ukulele Chords! Many people learn ukulele chords in musical groupings that will help them play songs. This will not only increase your finger reach, but allow you to play longer and faster! A ukulele can be tuned in many different ways such as the re-entrant method. Although this strategy may work initially, eventually it will be important to learn to play this chord as a barre chord! Your second finger will reach over the E and A strings to the C string. Enter your information below to get started! Don’t stress yourself out on becoming a world-renown ukulele musician overnight. Hit the E7 chord with your first finger on the G string on the first fret. Strum the ukulele and listen to how it sounds. Let’s give C7 a try! Place your first finger on the ​first fret of the A string. A funny way to remember the order is by saying: Get Crazy Every Afternoon. ​The D chord will use your three fingers sequentially on the second fret of the G, C, and E strings. We hope that clarifies any confusion before you get started reading about how to play uke chords! D7 is somewhat similar to B7. The easiest and most used symbol is the black circle, which means to fret a note. We are onto the last three ukulele chords for beginners that we will cover. Don't dismiss the minor chords though. Thankfully, you will not need the B chord in many songs, but it is good to learn anyway. Add a little extra practice to these three and you'll be rocking it! The four basic ukulele chords are: G major, C major, D major, and E Step 1: Tune Up and Learn 4 Basic Ukulele Chords. You also need to place your third finger on the 4th fret on the G string! In general, minor chords create softer sounds, whereas major chords sound strong and happy. You already know how to play a few easy minor ukulele chords, but there are a few more important minor chords for you to learn! In order to submit a comment to this post, please write this code along with your comment: ae8b70dd09177434338d46cdfa110a52. If your hand is already in the position of an A major chord, you only need to remove your index finger from the first fret. You will also press down on the second fret on the second or ‘C’ string with your second finger. The chord diagram looks like this: The C- and A-strings are open and so you don’t need to do anything with those. This chord is a tricky one because your middle finger has a tendency to catch on the E-string. We start with our fingers. In fact, only tenor and baritone ukuleles are not commonly tuned using the re-entrant method. Understanding Symbols for Ukulele Chords! You also need patience to build muscle memory. Be aware that the chart goes in sequential order starting with G and moving from the C (third string), to the E (second string), and last but not least to the thinnest string: the A (first string).

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