Some gardeners swear the best-tasting sweet potatoes … You may also come across some newer varieties designed for the shorter growing season in the north. Here in the South, in zone 7b I start sweet potato slips indoors in March and plant them in the garden in mid-May after all danger of frost is gone and the soil has had enough time to warm up a bit.. When to Harvest Sweet Potatoes… Sweet potatoes need a long growing season. They usually come in bundles of 25, which is enough to produce about two bushels of sweet potatoes. I let them be and not harvest … When to Harvest. Since the growing period is so long, take note of the number of days of appropriate warm weather you have in your climate’s growing … Sweet potatoes have a long life cycle in comparison to other garden fruits and vegetables—sweet potatoes typically take between 100 and 150 days to reach harvest. Sweet potato vines also produce well when trellised, because vines scaling the ground will try to put roots in everywhere, which produces a gazillion teensy little potatoes as opposed to several big ones per vine.. Harvesting Sweet Potatoes. Harvest sweet potatoes the morning after a frost if you have waited too long. Although you should have harvested them earlier, you can still salvage the crop. Most sweet potato varieties are ready to harvest after about 100 days of growth, though you’ll find a range of 90-120 days. Sweet potatoes … Unlike regular potatoes, sweet potatoes grow from transplants, also called slips.Sweet potato slips are produced by year-old sweet potatoes in hot beds at large specialty farms in mid to late spring.

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