"[15] Shakman also spoke about the reunion in a separate interview, saying, "It was fun for them, it was fun for us to see them work together, and same with Isaac when they all got together. It may even rival "Hardhome" in terms of spectacle." Williams also spoke about the scene, saying, "It was the weirdest thing when we shot our first scene together. On the road to King's Landing, Jaime Lannister, Bronn, and the Lannister and Tarly armies are caught in an attack led by Daenerys, her dragon Drogon, and the Dothraki army. [12] Shakman also revealed that he used the volcanic destruction of Pompeii as a reference, which led to the idea of some of the army being turned to ash. Meera visits Bran to say farewell, as she wants to be with her family when the White Walkers attack. "[12] Shakman also noted that Tyrion was another important perspective for the battle, as he watches from afar, saying "We talked through every beat of what he was seeing, and then he imagined that in his mind and brought it to life. I think it’s the greatest TV show of all time, so just to be able to say I was in Game of Thrones is an unbelievable feeling. White smoke was used towards the beginning of filming, but as the battle went on, McLachlan decided to switch to black smoke, which was accomplished through burning diesel oil. There were 73 "fire burns," in addition to 20 people being set on fire for a single shot. Synopsis: Il y a très longtemps, à une époque oubliée, une force a détruit l’équilibre des saisons. They fight to a draw as Sansa and Littlefinger watch. They move their army in position. Abandoning the gold where he drops it, Bronn wounds Drogon with Qyburn's scorpion weapon. "The Spoils of War" is the fourth episode of the seventh season of HBO's fantasy television series Game of Thrones, and the 64th overall. Littlefinger tries to get Bran to tell him of his experiences after fleeing Winterfell, and is disconcerted when Bran repeats to him Littlefinger's earlier remark to Varys that "chaos is a ladder." The episode set an industry record for the most stuntmen set on fire, with 73 "fire burns", in addition to 20 people being set on fire for a single shot. 8x3 saison x épisode Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones: Season 7 Episode 4 Preview . A recap of the Game of Thrones season-7 episode. Shakman filmed Peter Dinklage as Tyrion about a mile from the battlefield, and most of his shots involved "staring at lots of different tennis balls" for eye line. Jon shows Daenerys the vast dragonglass mine, in which Children of the Forest cave drawings depict the Children and the First Men fighting together against the White Walkers. They are surprised to see Daenerys riding Drogon, leading the Dothraki attack. "The Spoils of War" is the fourth episode of the seventh season of HBO's fantasy television series Game of Thrones, and the 64th overall. Game of Thrones ( 8 x 4 ) Les derniers des Starks May. "The Spoils of War" also received multiple awards and nominations, including "Best TV Episode" and "2017 People's Choice Award" from IGN[2]. ‘Game of Thrones’ Recap Season 7, Episode 4: Through the Fire and Flames . It just terrified me. He gave the episode a 10 out of 10. [4] Benioff also stated that the important part of her return to Winterfell is her relationship with Sansa Stark, with Weiss following up by stating that the intention of the scene in the crypts where they are reunited was to "lay down the beginnings of the storyline where Sansa realizes what Arya is now. Several cameras were used to capture the "Loot Train Attack," including a small handheld camera known as an Osmo, which "allowed a horseman to get shots while riding a horse at a full gallop through the cavalry charge," as well as a "custom-built miniature helicopter drone" for the "overhead dragon shots." “The Spoils of War” sets up delicious new tensions to unravel. [4] According to Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly following the airing of the episode, the script stated that "One of our main characters is about to die." Three of them were current employees of Prime Focus Technologies, an independent company that handles Star India's data; the fourth was a former employee. [4], In writing the battle between the Lannister army, and Daenerys' Dothraki and Drogon, Weiss stated that one of the most exciting elements of the fight involved the fact that two main characters were on opposite sides of the battlefield, and that it is "impossible to really want any one of them to win, and impossible to want any one of them to lose," according to Weiss.

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