Treatment Abrasion: If fluorosis is in a mild condition, then a dentist will ask you to undergo a treatment that is called “Abrasion” This dental procedure involves the scratching of the outer layer of the tooth enamel that contains stains. Dental fluorosis tends to effect certain teeth more than others. The only con is that this tends to be a very slow process. As explained in what is fluoride, fluoride is non-essential to human growth and development, which includes tooth development(10,11). Its caused by overexposure to fluoride during the first eight years of life. Since then, with the combination of fluoride containing toothpaste, mouthwash and other sources of fluoride, dental fluorosis has become common. This dental problem mainly occurs in rural areas where people used to drink water from shallow wells or hand pumps. Moreover, the below-average intake of calcium-containing foods also becomes a significant cause of fluorosis in children. 2009;14:E103–7. 2004;38(3):182–191 [, Hellwig E, Lennon AM. The type of treatment that can treat discoloration, depends on the stage of dental fluorosis: Mild: Tooth-bleaching. Now I must say, as much as pro-fluoride folks would like you to believe, it’s extremely hard to monitor the “right” amount of fluoride for a child to consume. Unlike many other dental and gums diseases, fluorosis has nothing to do with brushing and flossing. The first and most important step is to eliminate fluoride exposure. However, If you choose to cover up the signs of dental fluorosis, you shouldn’t forget what they mean and what you should do. 2004;38(3):258–262 [, Limeback H. A re-examination of the pre-eruptive and post-eruptive mechanism of the anti-caries effects of fluoride: is there any anti-caries benefit from swallowing fluoride? Teeth whitening is the most common form of treatment and there are different products like teeth whitening gels, strips, toothpaste and even bleaching. Dental fluorosis is a common cosmetic condition in which your teeth are discolored with tiny chalky white or, in severe cases, brown stains. Usually, in such areas, the water contains the fluoride content more than usual, which is 1ppm. Now, since water is the largest source of fluoride, it’s extremely important to drink fluoride-free water, either through water filters that remove fluoride or bottled water without fluoride. Systemic versus topical fluoride. Fluorosis treatment options include: Removal of stains through tooth whitening; Adding a hard resin coating to the tooth which bonds with enamel (known as bonding) Crowns and veneers; How to prevent fluorosis Matter of fact, as fluoride circulates the body it affects several different parts, causing much greater damage then what’s observed in dental fluorosis. While if your child does not have dental fluorosis, this can also be avoided. A reaction-time study of social, health, and personal attributions in relation to fluorosed teeth. Additionally, the extent to which dental fluorosis develops depends on the amount and duration of fluoride exposure while teeth are forming(1). Before the widespread adoption of fluoride in dental products, dental fluorosis was hard to come by in western countries. Khandare AL. You’d have to watch your child like a hawk and in real life, this is not reasonable. 2013;4(1):138–144. © 2020 - Truth About Fluoride | All rights reserved, Centre For Disease Control and Prevention. Give us a call or request an appointment online. Mild to moderate dental fluorosis can be treated with simple home remedies or dental treatments. By doing this you eliminate fluoride exposure and whenever you drink or make something with this water you automatically supplement your diet with calcium and magnesium. [, Buzalaf M.A., Pessan J.P., Honorio H.M., Cate J.M. A dentist will recommend treatment after carefully observing the type and severity of your dental fluorosis. If you or your child has dental fluorosis, consider it a blessing in disguise. Characterized by hypomineralization, the lack of calcium in teeth leads to visual changes in enamel, causing varying levels of discoloration and in some cases, damage to teeth. The rest I’ll leave for the fluoride detox guide to explain. Small opaque paper-white areas are scattered over less than 25% of the tooth surface. As a result, this makes out for a troubling scenario…. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me using the buttons below. This is the time when most permanent teeth are being formed. The choice between these treatments depends on the severity of the fluorosis. Does Fluorosis Weaken Teeth? The real factor behind this dental disorder is the ‘excessive intake of fluoride’ during the first eight years of life because here, at this stage, teeth are not fully mineralized. To learn more about our COVID-19 safety policies visit this page. © 2020 Cal Dental Group All Rights Reserved. Top-Rated Los Angeles Dentist Dr. Olga Karnakova provides dental procedures such as root canals, dental implants, teeth whitening, and porcelain veneers. With those factors in mind, it’s clear that low levels of fluoride can be detrimental to children as they are less developed. While enamel damage is permanent, tooth discoloration can be reduced and sometimes eliminated. Whitening doesn't involve removing any enamel, which is a benefit compared to … Oddly enough, fluoride is supposed to “protect” you from tooth decay. It’s not like other health changes such as, going to the gym, quitting smoking or changing your diet. If you observe that your child’s teeth have white streaks, spots, or discoloration- immediately eliminate fluoride exposure. Severe fluorosis also leads to permanent damage to the teeth. However, in more severe cases there are several fluorosis treatment options aimed at improving the appearance of affected teeth. 1999;27(1):62–71 [, ← Skeletal Fluorosis (Symptoms, Causes, and Prevention), Largest List Of Foods That Contain Fluoride (Search 503+ Foods) →. In some cases, there may be varying degrees of negative psychosocial effects. Once you complete the first step, your body will naturally start to get rid of fluoride that has accumulated in your bones and other parts of your body. With that being said, it’s clear fluoirde is not a magical solution to cavaites but a business class ticket to your nearest hospital. Most cases of fluorosis are cosmetic and need no form of treatment. As fluoride in tea can reach up to six times the amount of fluoride than tap water. Two powerful substances that help fight fluoride. The chart below outlines the different stages of dental fluorosis. Even with it’s milder forms, surveys and common sense have consistently found public perception of such teeth are less pleasing, less attractive and more likely to affect the well-being of children than non-effected teeth(7). In essence, dental fluorosis acts as a red flag to the development of fluoride induced health effects that are not as easily seen with the naked eye: Dental fluorosis comes in various stages. pitting? It’s also very important to detox your body of accumulated fluoride. Dental fluorosis treatment is limited. Mon–Fri: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Saturday: Appointment Only Sunday: Closed. An increase from the chart above and a 400% increase from the time fluoridation began(1).

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